I am a women’s health educator, activist, & advocate. 

I teach body literacy & empower autonomy.

I have been helping women claim body sovereignty for over 17 years in a myriad of roles including Planned Parenthood patient advocate,  sex educator, doula for birth, abortion,  & miscarriage.

In addition to teaching classes for everyone from pre-teens to professionals, I offer compassionate witnessing & guidance for individuals in Sovereignty Sessions. Some of the topics I provide education & council around include:

  • Fertility Awareness for Conscious Contraception OR Conception


  • Cycle Support & Hormone Balancing


  • Pregnancy Release (including preparation, process, & postpartum, birth, miscarriage, abortion, & infant loss)


  • Sexual Empowerment


  • Rites of Passage & Ritual Weaving


My approach is deeply rooted in activism & traditional womb-to-tomb midwifery care. It is grounded by scientific inquiry with an emphasis on biochemistry, ecology & anthropology. It’s elevated by empathy, intuition, & sass.

I wish you blessings on your journey. Wherever you are on the path, it would be an honor to support you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out. You may also wish to peruse the rich resource section on this website for a wealth of information & inspiration.







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