I am practical & radical medicine woman, providing love & education for the womb continuum.

I help women claim their power through body sovereignty wherever they are at on their paths. I provide compassionate witnessing, individualized education, & guidance.

I teach body literacy & I empower autonomy.

Some of the things I support my clients with during Sovereignty Sessions include:

  • Fertility Awareness for Conscious Contraception OR Conception


  • Cycle Support & Hormone Balancing


  • Pregnancy Release (including preparation, process, & postpartum, birth, miscarriage, abortion, & infant loss)


  • Sexual Empowerment


  • Rites of Passage & Ritual Weaving


  • Placenta Preparation


My work is deeply rooted in activism & traditional womb-to-tomb midwifery care. It is grounded by scientific inquiry with an emphasis on biochemistry, ecology & anthropology. It’s elevated by empathy, intuition, & sass.

While I do not diagnose or treat, I do offer insight & options regarding the use of plant medicine, nutrition, & various other healing tools that I both study & work with personally.

I am an ally, not an authority.

I wish you blessings on your journey, wherever you are on the path to body sovereignty, it would be an honor to support you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out, I offer a complimentary consultation to anyone interested in working with me. You may also wish to peruse the rich resource section I have created on this website for a wealth of information & inspiration.







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