Pregnancy Loss

10-25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage during the first 20 weeks.

Women experiencing miscarriage & loss deserve care & support.

The care I provide is tailored to the individual’s needs.


Some examples of what I offer for women during & after miscarriage:

  • Unconditional acceptance & validation


  • A nurturing presence during process or procedures, & help preparing for them (if applicable)


  •  Assistance exploring & using natural pain coping techniques such as breath, visualization, massage & more


  • Non-medical, confidential, & heart centered attention


  • Help identifying & expressing feelings, values, & goals


  • Wisdom gained from witnessing & supporting women with these experiences over the past decade


  • Facilitation of dialogue with your own body wisdom & intuition


  • Perspective on what’s normal


  • Resources & suggestions for practical, emotional, spiritual, nutritional, & herbal options to regain balance


  • Assistance designing or carrying out a customizable ritual for release, healing, & closure


  • House calls or transportation if needed


  • Individualized referrals to trusted local practitioners, books, & websites



My Client’s Words

“I cannot say enough positive things about Samantha & my experience with  her. It is always so rewarding & fulfilling to interact with another person who is not only passionate about what they’re offering, but is a master in what they’re offering- & is fulfilling their soul’s mission. Yes, I would say Samantha is a master of her craft. It’s clear that she has spent countless hours learning, researching, & diving into information, as well as deeply connecting with her own inner wisdom.  She presents everything with a deep sense of care, purpose, compassion, honoring, trust, wisdom & clarity. I feel so thankful to have met her & been able to share my experience with her. I would recommend her services to every woman I know.” ~Danielle

“I could have gone to a therapist for a million years & not had the experience of feeling that valid & valued” ~ Gillian


Sovereignty Session / Intake ~ $100


  • 90 minutes of focused loving attention in person, via skype, or phone (house calls available to those in the Portland area)


  • Exploration of options, needs, & intentions for self care, support, & healing


  • Text & e-mail support with a guaranteed response within 24 hours from time of hire until menstruation resumes


 A la cart sessions after intake ~ $50


Doula care for in-clinic procedures + transportation ~ $150

(intake required prior)


Postpartum doula care, minimum of 2 hours @ $25/hr



No one should ever go without support because of lack of funding.

If you truly cannot afford the financial investment please don’t hesitate to contact me.  If I cannot meet your needs by offering a sliding scale, payment plan, or work for trade, I will still share valuable resources & referrals. For more info about options for reciprocity, please see this page.