Mapping The Yoniverse

Yoni is a sanskrit word that translates as “womb”, “uterus”, “vagina”, “vulva”, “abode”, or “source”.

You’re invited to celebrate V day by learning about the physical & energetic anatomy of the “yoniverse” in all its wonder!

In this offering Samantha Zipporah shares wine, chocolate, her colored pencils, & extensive knowledge of yoniversal truth!

First, participants will receive a guided tour of both external & internal female sexual anatomy. We will cultivate a culture of conscious body literacy, including cliteracy & the delicacy of vaginal ecology. Narration while you color diagrams will include many details beyond the simple form & function of our body parts. Topics discussed will include but not be limited to biochemistry, nerve structure, evolutionary biology, & more.

Upon this practical & grounded  of knowledge, we will then enjoy an exploration of the yoni’s energetic anatomy as mapped by the ancient traditions of Taoist, Kabbalistic, and Tantric traditions.

Open to *reverent & respectful* members of all genders & sexual identities


Art by Jana Brike

$33 provides each participant with wine, chocolate, & custom Mapping The Yoniverse coloring books.  Anatomy diagrams of the physical anatomy from modern medical clinical sources as well as energy anatomy from the ancient traditions of Taoism, Tantra, & Kabbalah.



Tickets available through Sage Yoga’s website following this link.