Women choosing to have abortions deserve care & support.

1 in 3 American women will have an abortion by the age of 45.

It is an honor to provide doula care for women in the full spectrum of choices regarding their fertility. The care I provide is tailored to the individual’s needs & consistent with a doula’s scope of practice, including emotional, physical, & informational support.

“Full Spectrum Doula” is a term used to describe doulas who provide support for the “full spectrum” of experiences of pregnancy regardless of how they end: be it in birth, adoption, miscarriage, or abortion. I have experience supporting women in each of these pregnancy outcomes.


Some examples of what I offer for women before, during, or after abortion are:

Image by Isabelle Bryer

Image by Isabelle Bryer


  • Unconditional acceptance & validation


  • Non-medical & heart centered attention


  • A nurturing presence preparing, during, & after procedures or pills


  • House calls & transportation


  •  Assistance exploring & using natural pain coping techniques such as visualization, massage, breathing, mantras, & other doula tools


  • Help identifying & expressing your feelings, values, & goals


  • Referrals to trusted local practitioners, books, & websites


  • Wisdom gained from witnessing & supporting women with these experiences over the past decade


  • Facilitation of dialogue with your own body wisdom & intuition


  • Perspective on what’s normal


  • Resources & suggestions for practical, emotional, spiritual, nutritional, & herbal options to regain balance


  • Assistance designing or carrying out a customizable ritual for release, healing, & closure


My Client’s Words

“I cannot say enough positive things about Samantha & my experience with  her. It is always so rewarding & fulfilling to interact with another person who is not only passionate about what they’re offering, but is a master in what they’re offering- & is fulfilling their soul’s mission. Yes, I would say Samantha is a master of her craft. It’s clear that she has spent countless hours learning, researching, & diving into information, as well as deeply connecting with her own inner wisdom.  She presents everything with a deep sense of care, purpose, compassion, honoring, trust, wisdom & clarity. I feel so thankful to have met her & been able to share my experience with her. I would recommend her services to every woman I know.” ~Danielle

“I could have gone to a therapist for a million years & not had the experience of feeling that valid & valued” ~ Gillian

Reciprocity + Fees

Options & Intentions Consultation (before or after): 90 Minute Intake Session ~ $100

In-Clinic Doula Care (including transportation) ~ $150

All house-call & postpartum doula care, minimum of 2 hours @ $25/hr


No one should ever go without support because of lack of funding.

If you truly cannot afford the financial investment please don’t hesitate to contact me.  If I cannot meet your needs by offering a sliding scale, payment plan, or work for trade, I will still share valuable resources & referrals.